Today’s Special: „Primrose Hill“

Gerti Altreuther (Wuppertal): Fiddle & Vocals
Glyn Edmonds (Manchester): Vocals, Guitar & Hurdy Gurdy
Uwe Kreinberg (Wuppertal): Bouzouki, Vocals, Guitar, Bodhran & Bass
Erich Limbach (Hinter Köln irgend wo): Guitar Bodhran, Mandolin & Vocals


The first thing to do is find yourself a wee cosy room and an audience that appreciates acoustic songs and handmade folk music and its history and origin.
Then offer the English singer/songwriter a nice cup of tea. Do not preheat anything, the character of the main menu depends on the freshness and well tuned consistency of at least 26 strings! Complete the native presentation of songs by seasoning with a mixture of the authentic Scottish & Irish flavoured voice from the bouzouki player. To perfect you need a bonnie lady adding empathetic violin melodies and spicy fiddle tunes finally garnishing it to a tasty delicacy by joining in the singing. when you think it can’t get any better, you just add the soft tones of Bodhran players voice and the hypnotising beat of his Drum, and there you have it! Enjoy „Primrose Hill“ best in 90 minutes with a short break.

Customer notice:

„Primrose Hill“ play and sing traditional and contemporary folk songs sometimes combined with instrumental melodies from the British Isles and Ireland .
Glyn fell in love with Germany after visiting the Black Forest at the age of 14... he landed in Wuppertal, he’ll never understand how! Born in the industrial City of Manchester he built his own mechanical instrument, a Haggis machine, sometimes also known as a Hurdy Gurdy. Brought up listening to many singer/songwriters he started writing his own songs and performing as a solo artist and also performs more Traditional english Folk with Christoph Brodersen, known as “Brodersen and Edmonds”.
Gerti and Uwe regularly spend their holidays in nearly every hidden corner of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Uwe is well known for his playing with „Eric’n Krainy“ and together with Gerti and friends he also plays with „The Acoustic Ride On“
Eric Joined Primrose Hill after playing a couple of Gigs along side each other, and joining in on occasions - he now just belongs!